Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 287

Bulk Reaction

The CRC examines reacting moving granular assemblies with gas flow, an important unit operation in energy process engineering.

We develop models for reactive particle systems from DNS up to large-scale reactor simulations by DEM/CFD. Additionally, we focus on innovating measurement techniques that provide a detailed insight into the phenomena in moving, reacting particle beds.

Velocity in packed bed using LBM as well as segregation on a batch grate
The laboratory of granular material to model a silo

The CRC is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation )
Project ID 422037413 – CRC 287.

  • 24,11,2023 Paper on MR based magnetic susceptibility measurements of 3D printing materials at 3 Tesla,published. Read more……………..
  • 15,11,2023   Paper on Shape-changing particles for locally-resolved particle geometry in DEM simulations published. Read more……………..
  • 10,11,2023   Paper on simulation of reacting flows in packed beds using flamelet generated manifolds accepted. Read more……………..
  • 08,11,2023   Paper on radar-based particle localization in densely-packed granular assemblies published. Read more……………..
  • 01,11,2023   Paper on investigation to elucidate the fluid flow through packed beds with structured particle packings accepted. Read more……………..

2.-5.,04,2024      CRC 287 will organise a section at the INFUB conference . Read more

18,12,2023 Hybrid-lecture “Parenthood and Science” in Magdeburg. Read more

15,12,2023 Workshop on “Gender appropriate candidate assessment” in Magdeburg. Read more

14,12,2023 Lecture on CO2 geological sequestration in the deccan volcanic province through multiphase flow and reactive transport simulations by Prof. Vikranth Kumar Surasani  Read more

06,10,2023, 10-11 Lecture on “Modelling the combustion/gasification of biomass in fixed beds: an Eulerian-Eulerian” in Magdeburg by Prof. Jacobo Porteiro. Read more

The CRC project areas are:




Gas-Phase Phenomena

Particle Phenomena

Coupled Process

velocity and heat transfer in packed bed reactor
CRC retreat of Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 287
velocity and heat transfer in packed bed reactor