Central tasks of the Collaborative Research Centre

Principal Investigator(s)

Prof. Dr. Viktor Scherer

Principal Investigator(s)

Prof. Dr. Viktor Scherer

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The Central Administrative Project (Z) is required to provide overall organisational and administrative support to the CRC/TRR 287 BULK-REACTION. It is the central hub for communications among DFG, university administration and all project partners. The following tasks will be carried out by this project: staffing of positions, overseeing finances including monitoring expenses for each project within BULK-REACTION and preparing reports on expenditures, centrally managing funds for guests (visiting researchers), travel expenses, keeping inventory for all items purchased, internal and external correspondence; public relations.

In particular, the following CRC/TRR activities will be organised/coordinated/supported by the project Z:

  • General Assembly: At the annual General Assembly organisational and financial topics as well as the further development of the research strategy of BULK-REACTION will be discussed.

  • Executive Board meeting: The Executive Board meetings will be held at least once a year or whenever needed. The board is responsible for the operational management of the CRC/TRR.

  • Retreat: The retreat is held biannually. At the retreat, the CRC/TRR research strategy will be revisited.  Project meetings: Twice a year project area meetings (A, B, C) will be organised and also twice a year meetings of the cross-sectional working groups (Experimental methods, Modelling and Simulation).

  • International Symposium: Every two years the CRC/TRR will organise an international workshop “Reacting granular assemblies: simulation methods and measurements techniques”.

  • Support of MGK: The CRC/TRR manager and the team assistant will support the MGK. The personnel costs for this support are allocated in the MGK.

  • Gender specific measures: The Z project will support Prof. Miriam Fritsch, the designated equal opportunities commissioner of the CRC/TRR, in all gender equality measures as there are, for example, participation in Girl’s Day, organising of Lab Shadowing, Job shadowing, Gender Awareness Workshop or Moderated Female Researchers Meetings during the general assembly.

  • Research data management: The project Z will support Prof. Francesca di Mare and Prof. Christian Lessig in Research Data Management and, in particular, in its supervision.

  • Public outreach: All outreach activities will be coordinated by the project Z, as, for example, participation in Campusferien at the OVGU, in Alfried-Krupp Schülerlabor at the RUB, contributions to RUB science magazine RUBIN, participation in Hörsaal City (public lectures at Bochum city centre) or Nacht der Wissenschaft (RUB and OVGU).

  • Knowledge transfer and patents: The project Z will monitor all knowledge transfer and patent activities. Support is offered where needed.

  • Webpage: The project Z will administrate the CRC/TRR webpage and edit the CRC/TRR internal newsletter.

A lump budget is allocated to support emerging ideas form the CRC/TRR 287 to collaborate with external partners and experts and to be able to address unforeseen events.