2nd Doctoral Researchers’ and Postdoc Workshop

September 7th– 9th, 2022

in Berlin 

From 7th to 9th September 2022, the second self-organised PhD Student Workshop took place in Berlin. 25 participants, Doctoral Researchers and Postdocs from Bochum, Magdeburg and Kiel met in the German capital. The event opened with a welcome dinner on Wednesday evening.

The following day started early with a joint walk to the workshop venue, where a seminar on ‘Research Data Management’ was held by our CRC colleagues Dr. Andreas Schramm and Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christian Lessig in the morning. Afterwards, we had the pleasure of welcoming two special guests, the doctoral researchers Tony Rosemann and Daniel Schulz from the Technical University of Berlin, Chair of Mechanical Process Engineering and Solids Processing under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Kruggel-Emden. Two talks were given about their work on particle-laden flow simulations using a coupling of Discrete Element Method and Lattice-Bolzmann-Method and numerical approaches to model the dust release function for describing dust discharge from bulk materials. We would like to take again the opportunity to thank both speakers for their very interesting presentations!

On the second day of the workshop, the guided tour ‘Berlin Underworlds’ was on the programme. On the tour on the very interesting topic of ‘The East-West Conflict in the Underground’, underground nuclear bunkers were visited. This was followed by a boat tour on the Spree. Enjoying beautiful sunshine, important landmarks such as the Museum Island and the Federal Chancellery could be seen.

Closing, it’s fair to say that the workshop was a great success and everyone is already looking forward to the next one!