1st International Workshop on Reacting Particle-Gas Systems

June 8th-9th, 2022

Ruhr-University Bochum 

organized by the Collaborative Research Centre 287 BULK-REACTION

The 1st International Workshop on Reacting Particle-Gas Systems taking place in Bochum, Germany, from the 8th to 9th June 2022 was a great success. The workshop was organized by the CRC/TRR 287.

More than 100 participants from 12 different countries joined the workshop.

In 44 oral presentations and 32 posters the following topics were covered

  • Advancement in simulation of reactive particle-gas systems
  • Single particle reaction models
  • Measurement techniques in particle-gas systems
  • Experiments to validate particle-gas systems simulations

A special session was dedicated to presentations from industry (BASF
and aixprocess) to create ideas for future transfer projects.

Keynote lectures were given by renowned international scientist

  • Jennifer Curtis, University of California, USA: Irregular Soil Particle Shape Modelling
  • Bernhard Peters, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg: Recent developments and challenges in reacting granular multi-phase flows
  • Jonathan Seville, University of Birmingham, UK: Positron emission imaging methods in process engineering
  • Jim Wild, University of Sheffield, England: Methods and applications of hyperpolarised 129Xe magnetic resonance

A special issue of the journal Particuology is under preparation with around 25 selected contributions.

In intensive scientific discussion, ideas for future collaboration among the different groups present at the workshop were elaborated. A social program, including a visit of the art museum Unter Tage of the Ruhr University Bochum, accompanied the scientific core of the event

For the Members of the of the CRC, a canoeing tour was organised as a team-building event in the afternoon of the 7th of June.