11th European Combustion Meeting (ECM)

April 24th– 26th, 2023

Rouen, France

The CRC/TR 287 has organized a workshop at theĀ 11th European CombustionĀ Meeting (ECM) 2023

and is organized by Dr. Seyed Ali Hosseini.

Development of efficient and physically sound new algorithms adapted to the constantly evolving high performance hardware architecture is of the utmost importance, especially in computation-intensive applications such as combustion. Over the past decades the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) and other kinetic- theory-based numerical approaches have proven themselves to be very efficient alternatives to classical Navier-Stokes-based solvers in the incompressible regime both on CPU- and GPU-based platforms.

The rapid growth of industrial solvers based on the LBM is a clear testament to computational advantages of the latter. This success in the incompressible regime prompted the community at large to extend the scheme to compressible flows, and eventually combustion simulations. The past 5-10 years have witnessed a rapidly growing interest in the development of discrete kinetic methods for combustion simulations in both low and high Mach regimes.

The aim of this workshop, held in the context of the 2023 edition of the European Combustion Meeting in Rouen (France) is to gather experts in the area of the kinetic theory of gases and discrete methods based on the latter to discuss challenges and opportunities, recent progress and future of discrete kinetic methods for the simulation of reacting flows. The half day workshop will include talks by experts in the field followed by short presentations from doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers illustrating most recent applications of discrete kinetic methods.

We warmly invite all interested parties to take part in this first edition of the workshop and, for those active in that area of research, submit abstracts to present their most recent progress. Accepted abstracts will lead to oral presentations of 5-10~mins in the last section of the workshop. Should the number of abstract be large, the possibility for poster presentation will also be considered.